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  1. Can anyone recommend a FCM/Broker (apart from Interactive Brokers) and an electronic trading platform that has access to the following exchanges:


    Euronext Netherlands

    Thank you.
  2. Good question. I'll bookmark this thread.
  3. Bump!

    Any ideas on this? Is Interactive Brokers the only trading platform with DMA (Direct Market Access) to the foreign exchanges listed below??

    Any ideas?!

  4. Newedge
  5. Newedge is a broker/FCM. I'm asking about trading platforms...

  6. The thing is IB is like 10 yrs ahead of the competition in technology and international integration. Good luck finding others.
  7. mf global
  8. Again, MF Global is a FCM/broker.

    Most big FCMs have access to foreign exchanges on a voice- basis i.e. you call a trade desk and place a manual order I already have such access. What I want is DMA via an electronic trading platform.

    Any platform recommendations NOT FCM recommendations?
  9. juanmon


    I've been looking for elec access to same markets for a while. The only alternatives I've seen are: 1.)PATS linked to a supporting broker/FCM. 2.) OEC (open ecry) is in the testing stages of SGX, SYD, and HKFE(no tokyo, korea, or Meff as of yet). I was told those markets in testing would be ready in a month or so, but who knows?
    Let me know if you hear anything.
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