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  1. A heads up to anyone not in the know. There seems to be some issues with this firm. There license has been retracted and some of their traders have been posting ( regarding their capital. Someone has even setup an AOL email account to receive tips and info to try and get a lawsuit going if necessary. It seems as though the IFSC of Belize has announced termination of their license (no reason why was disclosed). -

    With the new regulations coming into effect and the SEC getting 1/4 billion new dollars to enforce them, I reckon this is going to be happening more frequently within the next year. I hope everyone has their $$ somewhere safe.
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    yeah I saw that notice on the website too. I posted something a few weeks ago. makes you wonder whos next? combined with worse tax cades for trading out of a international firm, I guess I will order that series 7 study book ;). Its hard enough to win money in the market, and having to worry about this stuff too, not worth it IMO
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