International Brokers

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  1. International Brokers/ Broad Street trading.

    They nickle and dime you at every opportunity.
    Stay well clear. Bunch of thieves.
    Been trading for 17 years and never came across worse crooks.

    Fees for holding overnight, fees for hard to borrow, etc

    All deducted from your account without warning before hand.

    Better to burn your money than to give it to those mugs.
  2. You should have done a search on Elitetrader first. They have a very bad reputation for doing exactly what you claim.

  3. i did some research on broad street and nothing come up.
    maybe i missed it
  4. think10


    I just closed my acct with them and they charged me a inactivity fee $99 and just took it out of my acct. No where in the contract does it state anything about this fee. it actual states the following:
    (You have no obligation to select any minimum number of Stock Trades in the Trader Sub-Account, or to devote any minimum amount of time to performing services hereunder. You will devote such time, and make such Stock Trades in the Trader Sub-Account as you may elect from time to time).

    Only one phone number on there site and it goes to sales, support is by chat or email. By chat they tell you to send email. They will not answer my email about refunding it. I could go on and on glad I closed it so they cannot get anymore of my money. There are so many better options out there do your due diligence.
  5. I hear this a lot on this forum, however, the people I know in real life who trade at broad street never have these problems! successful companies have a lot of haters, so i'm guessing most of these negative threads about broad street are unfounded or nitpicky.