International bribery & Cheney, It’s a trillion dollars a year

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  1. Dick Cheney may escape prosecution for war crimes in the CIA torture scandal, but he is less likely to escape this bribery scandal. Jack Stanley is going to talk one day, he doesn't look like he can do seven years.

    Nigeria: The Hidden Cost of Corruption
    Who are the biggest victims of widespread bribery?
    April 24, 2009
    BY Sam Kennedy

    "At the center of this international scandal -- for that is exactly what it would become -- was Jack Stanley, the hard-charging, heavy drinking head of KBR, to which he was appointed in 1999 by Dick Cheney when Cheney was still the chief executive of KBR's parent, Halliburton. When Nigeria needed a contractor to build a $6 billion natural gas plant on the Delta's Bonny Island, Stanley cemented his reputation as someone with an uncanny ability to win big contracts in the Third World.

    The intricacies and cast of characters of the deal he orchestrated are worthy of a John Le Carre novel. Yet in its essence the story, as it has been laid out in court documents, is surprisingly simple: A consortium of four companies, of which KBR was one, paid out $180 million in bribes to win the Bonny Island contract.

    Stanley, who in a Houston courtroom in September pleaded guilty to violating the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, is to be sentenced later this year. Now in his mid-60s, he faces up to seven years in prison, though this offers little solace to Nigeria."

    Jack Stanley guilty plea:
  2. "...little solace to Nigeria"?

    Please, this country perennially is in the top two or three corrupt places in the world to do business. You literally have to bribe your way out of Lagos airport. The idea that it was vicitimized by big bad Halliburotn is ridiculous. I can guarantee you that every eurpoean competitor was offering equivalent bribes. If you want to do business there, you either pay or you go home.
  3. I placed a CFO of an American company into another job because his present job required him to go to Nigeria to work out a deal on putting in a cell phone network.

    On his first trip there He was held for $25k ransom at airport. His company paid to get him out and he asked me to get him another job. He refused to go back.

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    Your cfo is a wimp-25k is nothing.Do you think his company cared?Do you think this kidnapping got them to stop doing business there?Are you that naive?That is a small price of doing business.
    Companies are making billions off nigeria.
    The residents-not so much.You illiterates need to google or wiki wtf is going on in nigeria and somalia.
  5. Slim-Fast called and tried to bribe Rush Limbaugh into losing weight and be one of their spokesman, but Limfatman was too busy gorging himself on chicken wings and fries to return the call...
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    We know how this works... you accuse people of war crimes [based on what body of law?], then when they are vindicated of the current accusations, you go on to the next accusations....

    In the third world, the new regimes always jail the old regimes, in the US we are trying to keep it above that level so we can attract talent to the public sector leadership jobs and keep the scenario from being "the biggest psychopath with the biggest balls is in charge.." We forgive and forget, unless the charges are real and prosecutable.. well, when I say we I mean people that want the US to continue, people that are capable of that, Conservatives iow... the Democrats don't care about raising the standard of political debate really, they do want the biggest psycho with the biggest balls, guys like Barnie Frank for a great example of a psycho with grandiose nuts, for example... maybe you have the hots for old Barnie or something? I've never understood why the left keeps foisting this gay thingy off on us as a reputable lifestyle, it's a disease ridden subculture of crime and drug use really...
  7. You go over there you little pussy and get put in a sweltering room with a bunch of stinking blacks who are telling you that you will never see your family again.

    You think he gave a shit about cell phone networks when he didn't know if he was going to see his wife and 3 kids again.

    You don't know shit about human behavior.
  8. Wow this article is great. They managed to bring in all the guilt trips that the libs usually do. They had pollution, habitat destruction, hunger, poor education, a few stats about the upper 1 percent, and of course Cheney and Haliburton. What else could mindless liberal want?

    The only problem is that since they had the guilt machine in overdrive they really didn't bother to explain the bribery charges in much details. It appears that the bribery charge occured from an incident in 2005, but it is not very clear. If this is the case, then Cheney was long gone and you libs aren't going to get a chance for anything.

    It also appears that if Cheney were involved, which from the article I see no evidence that he was, its too late anyway. Stanley already plead guilty and is awaiting sentencing. Plea deals don't happen after you enter a guilty plea. They happen beforehand. Guess what libs, you ain't going to get Cheney on Waterboardinggate and this is not even close. You also didn't get him on the Valerie Plame deal. Thats 3 strikes. You're out.
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    That Valerie Plame thingy was beyond anything I'd seen to that time... she drove, five days a week, to a building that was marked as CIA, she parked her car there, went in in the mornings, came out at the end of day and went home.. and somehow she was outed... the hysteria just seems to feed itself..
  10. why don't you idiot-leftist-democrats pay your income taxes?

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