Internap - IIP recent 100% move up

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Preston Forbes, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I've been trading IIP since 2000, and once again the stock is back at it...up 100% in a few weeks, up from the .40's to 1.15 today, with highs this week into the 1.20's.

    Sure, having come from Seattle and worked with guys from IIP, and being a tech analyst...they do have a good product...and I do think the company is undervalued. However they are stuck in the tech tarpit of murkiness, as most investors and probably institutions dont quite know what they do...and how they do it better.

    Does anyone else here trade IIP, the volume has been nearing 10mil daily, so I'm sure there are more of you here? Lets start a thread on the company, its technology, and its possible future. With everything going online, from gaming to VOIP to video, as many big new releases just this week have said, the need for bandwidth worldwide is HUGE, and very few companies offer the technology to power the demand. Some competitors are SVVS, LVLT, AKAM and DVW....but theyre all small players, and IIP owns some very unique patents on their technology. Their client list is also huge...thousands of the biggest names out there...something has to be up with the firm, but no one seems to understand exactly what.

    Thanks in advance