Intermittent Drops and Dual Wan

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  1. I tried verizon dsl. Then I tried time warner cable. Both times, connection drops for 1/2 a second. Sometimes I'm booted off, other times I stay connected. In all cases, theres downtime/delay in execution one way or another.

    Do dual wan routers have the potential to eliminate this problem? I've read mixed reviews, one saying the fail over is going to cause a delay no matter what, another saying its not the case.

    is there such a thing as near instant fail over? a mobo with 2 ethernet ports, 2 isps?

    as a scalper, i'm just trying to find a solution to intermittent drops so going the route of 2 pcs, 2 isps, isn't going to help me hit out of something in a panic (don't have the time to get up and log into another computer, cause i'm already pwned at that point)

    ive heard sonicwalls router handles seemless fail over. also heard some bd's are setup for seemless fail over.

    (basically, i want to be able to be connected to 2 isps, pull one out, and not have any hiccups/no delay slow quotes nothing) allegedly the sonicwall could stream music seamlessly when you do this test. Any ideas?
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    For the purposes of this discussion, changing ISP connections means changing IP addresses since each ISP will be handing out addresses from their own pool.

    There is no way to change your IP address and maintain a secure connection to your broker. The TCP protocol does not support this. The existing session has to be torn down and a new one brought up - that guarantees that there will be a delay.
  3. I've had this problem, it comes from router having crappy NAT abilities. (I have a belkin, back home I had a linksys) You can either shell out money to get a linksys router or you can enable DMZ on your trading computer. Go into your router controls and look at the DHCP client list for the ip address of your computer, then enable DMZ and put in the local ip of your computer that you just looked up. It should solve your problem. If not, consider a firmware upgrade for the router.
  4. An IDIOTIC and INCORRECT suggestion! Do you even know what DMZ or NAT is?? Geez!

    OP, you want a dual wan router. The sonicwall is fine, and there are others as well. Here's the one I use...
    available from a few online retailers...

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    I did get a mobo with 2 net ports. Can I have 2 isps instead of a dual wan router. I don't care if my connection drops for half a second if that is how long it takes for the second nic to pick up the line. I just want a simple solution that won't let me down for more than 1 minute.
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    Hello Osorico.

    How reliable and easy to set up is Hotbrick LB2? Im not too good with computers? The set up im trying to do is DSL and cable providers for 2 of my computers. Wonder if this can be done with this router. Thanks in advance.