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  1. I've been trying to advance my options knowledge and, so far, these are the books I've found most useful:

    - Options as a Strategic Investment
    - The Option Trader's Handbook
    - Option Pricing and Volatility

    I'm about to start up "The Volatility Edge in Options Trading."

    Any recommendations on other readings or educational sources I should look into? I'm more interested in practical applications than I am in convoluted mathematical theories of option pricing.
  2. For the billionth time.......McMillan, then Natenberg, then Cottle and maybe, possibly Criss. That's it. You don't need 500 different texts. :)
  3. 1) Natenberg
    2) Baird
    3) Read all posts on ET under username Riskarb or Atticus.

    The last of the three is free, but you might have to read the first one to be able to translate the last's options posts into English.

    If you get through all three, you will know more about options than 99% of the posters (poseurs?) on this forum.
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    Highly unlikely! :) No book can help you translate the posts into English. :D
  5. The problem with repeating the list one billion times is that there's no way for newer books to be included in your list and that list becomes outdated.

    For practical advice; for a detailed description of six different trading strategies (including how to select specific options to trade); for an explanation of why risk management is more important that strategy selection; in short - for a good book dedicated to beginners, but with enough meat for someone who has been trading for awhile, consider: <b>The Rookie's Guide to Options</b>. I wrote it and you can sample my writing style by visiting my blog.

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    Definitely Cottle.
  8. Hull :D
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    Carl K

    "Dan Sheridan" has a book set to release this month.
    "Monthly Income Strategies With Options"
    ISBN 9780470223116

    "Charles Cottle" last book, I can't say enough good about it.
    "Options Trading: The Hidden Reality"
    ISBN 9780977869176
    Free Sample (91 page abbreviated version)