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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by zook, Dec 19, 2010.

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    I'm decorating my new place; and I want to put a coke mural on one of the brick walls, it's a bachelor pad and I can do what I want ;)

    How are these put on walls?
    Is this a painting or a sheet that's glued??
    I'm almost positive it's a painting, but they always get the cursive letters perfect, which leads me to believe I'm missing something, maybe they use a stencil?
  2. It is a painting and yes, they either used a stencil or some sort of projectile machine to project the image on the wall and then stencil it or just paint it directly. I would love to do it for you... I'm sure that is not an option though. Good luck!
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  4. Put an ad on craigs list for mural artist. They are everywhere.
  5. Back when that one was done, they did it freehand. They would have done measuring and sketched in pencil before the paint.

    Today they use a projector. You can use any projector. Borrow one from a friend if you don't have one. Or buy one from Best Buy the day before the Superbowl. Do your mural in the morning, watch the game at night, return it the next day, and if you want, buy it back the following day as an open box at 15-35% off! (friend of mine taught me that but I've never done it (yet)) lol