Interindividual Heterogeneity of Adaptations to Resistance Training

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  1. Here is a post from another thread:

    In support of this assessment, and by a different author:


    Research has shown that there is a large interindividual heterogeneity of strength gains and muscle hypertrophy in response to resistance exercise training. The subject of genetics is rarely discussed in the majority of resistance training studies and only a handful of studies have specifically focused on the range of responses to a specific training protocol. This review describes the training protocols and results of those studies. It questions why the preponderance of other resistance training studies have failed to address the interindividual heterogeneity of adaptations and challenges the belief that highly complex so-called periodization protocols can actually overcome genetic limitations.

    The full paper can be read here:
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  2. Commitment to a regular exercise program is crucial, but that's the easy part. Maintaining a consistent pattern of healthy eating is the hard part. Can't out train a bad diet, especially as we age.
  3. Sure, but the point of the paper is not to waste too much time chasing the Holy Grail:

    I received the above (excerpted) email from a different researcher than the one who wrote the paper posted above.
  4. I agree, which is why I advocate just trying to be the best version of yourself with consideration of what you have to work with genetically.
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