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    It is interesting that the World Leaders and Press do not belive that war are in mist of the second Phase of the HOLY WARS. Christians had their Run at in in the days of Medievil Times. We study the wars known as the CRUSADES in most University level history classes. However, we refuse to believe that such a type of War is at hand.....thats funny because we (western civilizations) are the only ones who do not acknowldge.

    "The final blows in the crucial battles are at hand," it reads. "We are now living in crucial days and we are seeing how the government of the idol of this age [i.e. the U.S.] is filled with fear and dread, dreaming of obtaining security and calm, and spending a billion dollars every week in order to protect itself from the imminent unknown danger coming from the direction [of the enemy] that they claimed to have completely destroyed years ago … "

    "We are seeing that they have [finally] understood the oath of the commander of the Jihad army [Osama bin Laden] and they now know that he meant exactly what he said [when he was valiantly facing the armies of the new Crusade]: We are now engaged in Jihad between the armies of faith, truth, and goodness as opposed to the armies of unbelief, falsehood, and evil. … The crucial battle is about to begin. The swords have been drawn from their scabbards, and the fingers are on the triggers. Happy are those who choose [to join] the camp of the believers and choose the profitable deal [i.e., to sacrifice themselves in Jihad], and woe to those who join the losers [the armies of unbelief] who are in the lowest compartment of Hell.

    "This is a crucial issue in a crucial battle in crucial days," the warning states. "The great harvest [of the enemies of Allah] is at the gates. And who knows – it may be imminent. … On the other hand, who knows, perhaps it is not imminent. There may be blows not by firearms to weaken the great serpent [i.e. the U.S.] as silent blows which do not require military skirmishes and without threatening. … Those who ask, 'When will the crucial battle and the final blows come?' and keeps waiting for the event to come, without carrying out his own duties to prepare for it – are not of the armies of truth. They are merely onlookers, who have failed to join the Jihad – which is a personal duty for all Muslims. … The war between us and unbelief and the people of unbelief is a war between two unequal forces. They surpass us in material preparedness, and we surpass them with the preparedness of belief, and courageous resolve …"

    Muslims to remember their religious duty to wage Jihad, and not to wait to watch it on television as onlookers,"

    This is from the PEACEFUL RELIGON call ISLAM. Released 12/30/03. Of course at the time of the CRUSADES, the rational was obvious. This is the same thing.
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