Interesting transcript with InterbankFX

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  1. I trade FX as part of my portfolio but my broker does not offer wireless trading so I went looking into InterbankFX. Here's the live support chat ....

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Support'
    Support: Hello, this is Adam. What can I do for you?
    you: Just downloaded the demo and have a few ?
    you: does the platform support multi displays?
    Support: No, but what you can do is restore the platform (the opposite of maximized, but not minimized), and stretch it across al screens
    you: I'll try that ...
    you: does Inter carry a fidelity bond or some such insurance?
    Support: Currently we do not, however funds are in compliance with the NFA and CFTC
    you: so was refco LOL
    you: why does it take 7 days for a check and 3 for a wire out?
    Support: Uh.. cause thats how long it takes?
    you: is your attitude presentative of InterFX. Well done.
    you: I'll be calling in to see for myself shortly
    Support: To mail a check to XXXX it takes about 5 - 6 business days
    Support: Any bank in the country will tell you that wire transfers take 24 - 48 hours
    you: Support: Uh.. cause thats how long it takes? Heck of a thing to say to a potential 6 figure account. Thanks for making my decision easy.
    Support: Sorry, just felt the question was like a "why is the sky blue" question, no bad attitude intended
    Support: I apologize for my bull-headedness
    you: So I'm an idiot to you?
    you: forget it
    Support: Didn't say that, didn't intend that
    you: transcript being sent to management in T-30 seconds. Have a great day!
  2. There are some really privledged people on this board. That comment that he made didn't come off as rude to me at all. The only thing that looks interesting here is how badly you treated him. This might be a joke I'm missing.
  3. "Support: Uh.. cause thats how long it takes?" isn't rude to you and unbecoming of a company rep? If my support staff ever said that to a potential customer they'd be cleaning out thier desk within 5 minutes and escorted out by security. And you're probably right, I am rather used to getting my ass kissed when I'm bringing a large sum to the table. Maybe the rep thought I was a $500 mini piker.
  4. You're correct. I'm sure you are the first 6 figure account they have ever seen.
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    The support was not super nice but not that rude either I think.
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    Dont mean to be rude but the customer service guy and his boss are probably laughing at the transcript of your conversation... people in these companies tend to be a tight group of people..

    Remember you're talking to a brokerage company, not a local barber shop.. they expect a six-figure clients to know why it takes 7 days for a check to clear.
  7. I'm sure they got a kick out of it. they probably deal with 50 jackasses like me a day.

    I was not questioning why it takes 7 days for a check to clear ... I was asking why it takes them 7 days *before* they mail a check to *me* once a request is put in. All of my current brokers mail me my checks the same day if I put in my request before noon. Them sitting on a request for 7 days just struck me as odd.
  8. Adam apologized to you for being bullheaded and then you ask
    him if he thinks you are an idiot to him? Sounds like you are having
    a bad day.

    If you had to ask why a check takes 7 days to clear then they
    probably did think you were a $500 piker.

    And if you would kick out your "support staff" for such a simple
    comment then you probably wouldn't have anyone working for
    you for more than a week. Good luck finding someone to kiss your ass...

    BTW... pulling that Refco thing on them was real classy too...:confused:
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    If I were you, I would have deleted this thread.

    looks like nobody is gonna reply with sympathy.
  10. I don't think you can pull a thread once it gets started... I have
    never been able to... You can pull a post, but not a thread. But
    that doesn't mean you can't ask the modertor to pull it...
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