Interesting Story of People Who Beat a Couple State Lotteries

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    Great story, thanks for the post.
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  2. Jesus, that's alot to read -- anything beyond four, bottom line sentences or so...I start to easily lose my focus and train of thought.
    Get to the point. o_O

    It's like a nuclear missile...only 1% or 5% is the plutonium, active ingredient...while the rest of the 95% of it is just noise and fluffer or rocket fuel mass to get it there.
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  3. You a funny guy man. lol hahahahahahahahahha
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    Yeah he's on a roll today. I think he found a new strain.
    Making ET Great Again.
    High 5 :D
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  5. lol...Yeah I was going to warn that there was some not very relevant fluff in the article, but it's easy enuf to just skip over. :D

    Still, kinda interesting how, in the first part, a retired non-pro numbers hobbyist figured it out. You'd think someone like Phil Ivey would have also found out and and just ripped 'em for huge bucks. But then, he's probably not likely to spend 10hrs a day sifting through thousands of dollar tickets!

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    This Jerry guy shoulda day traded. Woulda made tens of millions. No printing of tickets required.
  7. Yes, he is. One day I want to challenge him to a trading competition and I will out trade him.
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  8. You don't need to challenge me to an official trading competition, per se.
    If you're able to trade/predict/manage the SPY/SPX/ES broad market chart on a daily basis...then you've matched wits with me.

    Amplify that skill...with leverage, options. -- and Live happily ever after. o_O
    That's all he wrote. The End.

    If you're able to do will have all the money you will ever need, or want.
    And That's...something to High-Five` about. -- Making Your Life, and Trading, Great Again.
    2018, all the best,
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