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  1. I have a trader in Hong Kong China, who trades with FXCM, I am trying to get him a prop deal. He is a really good trader, very consistant, however, its hard to get paid in china.. so I hear with the regulartory issue there. Does anyone know anything i can do to fix it? work around it?
  2. fxcm prop in hk?
  3. I dont know if there are Prop firms in china. The prop firm on this is in New york

    Check out Asia day trading, heard some good things but I don't live in China so I can not help too much
  5. I cant read the site its not in english...
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    I'm a little unclear about the phraseology 'getting paid' in terms of trading futures in mainland China.

    Would a hedger or speculator in Shanghai be unable to wire money into or out of the mainland? Do U.S., Australian or European FCMs have restrictions in terms of accounts located within China? I know that the ECN and trading per se is not an issue, but would love to know if there are any restrictions in terms of repatriating funds.

    I am curious to find out, because one of my SpreadProfessor clients recently took a proprietary futures trading job in Russia.