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  1. hey profitseer,glad you like the site. I checked out that URL.
    I never really thought about it that way. I don't keep in mind
    that it doesn't matter how many times heads has come up in
    a row. The fact is, the odds of getting tails on the next toss is still 50/50, and that's

    The natural inclination is to believe that the longer the string of
    heads, the greater your chances of getting tails on the next
    toss...not so.

    Thanks for pointing that URL out...:D

    Here's another site I discovered, here on Elite...

    There's some guy who goes by "NQoos" who has some
    interesting charts posted.
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  2. Sounds like some good stuff...

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  3. HI

    I ran across that site too, about a year ago. At that time they didnt have access to exchanges in America and they still don't! Its an impressive site, though. If they would include a screener, it could challenge alot of TA programs.

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  4. nqoos


    that link doesnt work
    but does...
    Good Trading to all:cool:
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