Interesting signs of a real bottom in the bear market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jbtrader23, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. Trajan


    "I was being facecious and silly."

    Aren't there stages in which a person passes through when they receive bad news?
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  2. When this market is <i>really</i> undone, and the masses start demanding restitution, the left will start beating the drum of 'market failure.' They'll propose sweeping legislation, perhaps even making it illegal for stocks to go down (at least half-kidding).

    That will strangle economic activity to the point where a bottoming is inevitable.

    For now, let us enjoy the respite of a bear market rally.
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  3. What nobody has dared to say, of course is that much of the corporate shenanigans was due to such a bad influence in the White House. Remember: If the chief executive of the US can be a lying, cheating, stealing punk, get IMPEACHED and get away essentially scot-free, then what's wrong with the chief execs of WCOM, ENE, IMCL, MSO etc doing the same?

    This is just the by-product of 8 years of white trailer trash setting examples for the rest of America.
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  4. The bottom of this market is soon to come. It will be a 5 billion share volume day with the dow going down at least 800 point's. It will be blood shed like in 87. But everyone beforehand will call the bottom and sell into the real bottom. The falling dollar will get so low it will make US products more attractive. This will spark a smoke stack economy which will drive a recovery. Just an onion.
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  5. The story of how former dotcom megamillionaires can no longer pay cash for million dollar megamillion dollar portfolios were liquidated for less than half a mil....pass me the Kleenex...
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  6. alain


    total wash out of weak hands....
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  7. There won't be a least not like most people are looking for. You know, the ones where we spike down on huge volume for one day and then its off to the races...again. Those were just "corrections" in bull market. The fact that EVERYONE is talking about and looking for a bottom tells me we won't have one. It will only be apparent months after it happens.
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  9. last year I had hopes of a cyclical bear market due simply to a bit too much manufacturing capacity in computer related tech and too much money chasing bogus stocks. Now I look at it as more of a longer term, more serious, Secular bear market. In practical terms, this doesn't mean diddly squat to the short term trader unless volatility dries up.
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  10. lundy


    what bear market?

    this is just a 2 year correction.

    look at the bigger picture.
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