Interesting signs of a real bottom in the bear market

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  1. The best thing about this market is that I'm cash (almost) every night...

    Who cares, Up, Down, Sideways...

    It's All Good!

    P.S. If I had to pick a bottom, It's great to see the USA Today with pictures of NYSE traders with their hands on their heads in disgust (they could probably find a picture like that every day, but the press loves the drama).
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  2. Trajan


    Maybe a few of the option exchanges go bust. Maybe the VIX will go to ten because nobody gives a shit and volumes have dried up. People hate the market, which means they still have an opinion. When they no lomger have an opinion, then, is the time to get long.
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  3. I took the liberty of graphing out your ideas...

    Buy Signal?
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  4. DT-waw


    The real bottom:
    1] all stocks ( except MSFT ) are penny stocks under $5
    2] lundy posts a thread "I give up, change my longs to shorts"
    3] Merrill downgrades all stocks to "strong sell"
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  5. Trajan


    "I took the liberty of graphing out your ideas...

    Buy Signal?"

    You're dillusonial. You still graphed it!!!

    When you you say, wait a second, nothing then maybe just maybe!!!!
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  6. alain


    a friend of mine works for a private insurance company in geneva. He told me three years ago they only sold Investments Funds and no Life-Insurances... Today they can't sell investment fonds and customers only buy Life Insurances...
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  7. I was being facecious and silly..

    I graphed it because it was funny :D
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  8. Platypus, Trajan, DT.... all made pretty good funnies. :D :D :D :D :D

    The graph...the captions...sounds like someone I know...
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  9. dis


    Two front page stories in today's New York Times cover a political angle of the bear market:

    Corporate Abuses Giving Democrats a Campaign Issue
    The focus on Wall Street has given a jolt of energy to a party that just a month ago was casting around for issues to emphasize in the midterm elections.

    Stocks' Slide Is Playing Havoc With Older Americans' Dreams
    To many Americans, the sustained slide in the stock market has been something to fret about. But to many people at or near retirement age, it has been a colossal jolt.

    On one hand, this is another sign of a bottom. On the other, the liberal media will be working hard to undermine investors' confidence all the way through the elections, which is why I doubt the market is going to bottom before October.
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  10. Absolutely. Notice how quiet they are on Martha Stewart, a stalwart liberal democrat, and how they're salivating over Bush and Cheney's involvement in stock sales and Enron. Media bias? None here.
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