Interesting Reaction to High Gas Prices

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    I know that even pre-$2.50 gasoline this car was already a hot seller. One of my best and typically irrational friends paid just under sticker for one of these ugly things in early 2006. HTF does this car break almost 20k in value with gas snugly over 4 bucks a gallon?
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    That ad is a scam. Just watch, it will be deleted or flagged in the next few minutes. Lots of ads with fancy text, bolded text, and gmail accounts listed in the ad are just fraud. The first red flag is the price.
  3. Ah! The link was sent to me by a friend who's car hunting. What is the value of a hypothetical Prius like the one featured?

    And boy that REALLY blew this thread, eh? :eek:
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    ScapGF is a decent indicator of retail value, but the BEST way to gauge private party value is to go on Ebay and search the COMPLETED auctions. Prices are listed in red and green (unsold and sold, respectively).

    The selling prices are the best info you can get!