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    This press release ( ) was on Yahoo. I looked up the firm on ET but all I could find about it was a brief reference on another thread.

    The company's rates are really low and being able to send and automate orders directly from Neovest would be kinda nifty too. Has anyone ever used IOG?
  2. Looks kind of very doubtful. I did not find any trace of this firm on NASD site. I would not open retail account with a non SIPC member, would you ?
  3. The firms name is EMG not IOG - Principals of the firm were
    formerly employed at ETG (but now offer much lower commissions)
    From my perspective, what they are doing is very interesting
    and can be very profitable. As a former ETG trader myself, these people are solid.
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    The firms name is EGM not EMG. :)
  5. I sent them email asking for more info will see what they offer.
  6. This is from their site. Not bad !!! :D

    EGM does not solicit retail customers nor warrant the currency of any information appearing on this site.
  7. From what I have read, EGM is a member of the pacific stock exchange and have proprietary traders. Therefore, inorder to have extended margin, you cannot be a SIPC. I am trading at a prop firm and they and others out there are not SIPC either. My understanding is that only if a firm has customers, then they would need to be NASD, and require you to take more than a 7, and can be SIPC in a retail account.

    These guys had a really nice booth at the expo. I met them at the show, and I like the idea that they are using Neovest's IOG. Hats off to them, and their idea of attracting successful traders, who deserve the true benefits of a well run firm. The partners have had many years in the business, and are some of the most successful traders at their previous firm. I have asked traders at other places and are well aware of their of previous success. They were very professional, well dressed(the partners present all had suits on), and very organized.

  8. I forgot to post this earlier, but i like the description

    Emperian Global Markets L.L.C. (EGM) is a private equity trading firm that leverages technological advantages to act on market inefficiencies. EGM develops its own technology and uses systems from Neovest, Inc. and EGM affiliate Sphere Analytics, LLC. EGM admits only experienced licensed traders. You can learn more about EGM at

    Seems like they are going to be an ELITE group of TRADERs :cool:
    Can anyone who is trading there tell me if its as good as it sounds? I am very very curious to see.

  9. do you have a relationship with EGM? i have read all of your 6 post and you seem very enthusiastic about this firm. You may want to contact Barron and inquire about sponsoring this web site so you can freely market your firm. i apologize if i am mistaken.
  10. They were wearing suits? That settles it then, I am sold!


    Do not contact me via PM or any other means regarding this firm.
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