Interesting Poll by Gallup

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wjk, Sep 21, 2012.

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    "Gallup: Only 8% of Americans Have 'Great Deal' of Trust in News Media--a New Low"

    Is the tide shifting? Have the sheep looked up from their long graze? One can only hope. The news media should report, not manipulate. On the other hand, there would be less manipulation if people weren't so easily manipulated.

    The way I feel about polling, I have to ask: Is this another meaningless poll? Is it an attempt to manipulate? Since my feelings are so low regarding news media, there is virtually no chance this poll will shape my opinion, were that even possible.
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    EVERY story that I've had first hand knowledge about that wound up in a newspaper or on TV contained significant factual errors.

    Each time I ask myself if all stories in the news have such errors. And, if so, how can I believe anything they report?