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  1. Consumers are racking up credit card debt like it's 2008.

    Americans added $18.4 billion to their debt load in the second quarter, a 66% increase from the debt they accumulated in the same quarter last year and 368% more than they tacked on in 2009, according to credit card research firm

    In fact, the last time consumers charged up this much debt during this time period was in 2008 -- several months after the recession officially began and when credit card balances climbed by $25.2 billion.

    this is a sign (in my view) that americans are relying on cards for everday items. not good.
  2. good for the bankers. the interest is super high. more $$$ and top class bitchez.

    the americans are choosing everyday, that they want to spend money (taxes) on wars and finance the deficit with credit cards. who voted for bush? who does not demand bush family wealth be confiscated?
  3. who is not enraged at the cost of 9/11 fake terror circus? $5 trillion or so? New Yorkers dont care.
  4. best commentary:

    Brilliant lyrics. Out in 1984.

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  5. Total BS!

    If you REALLY believe this, then perhaps you should offer some support for the notion.

    There are already plenty on ET who just run their mouth.