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  1. If Barack Obama would apply for a job with the FBI or with the Secret Service, he would be disqualified because of his past association with William Ayers, a known terrorist.

    If he is elected President he would not qualify to be his own body guard!

    It's Hard to believe this man could be President of USA.
  2. Your ass must be sore from pulling so many "factoids" outta your bunghole. This last one, doesn't pass the "smell" test, either. I know somebody going through the FBI process right now. they would have investigated for sure and dropped the matter after they''d have established that the "relationship" was superficial by most obecjts accounts.
  3. The relationship was superficial in your opinion even though Obama launched his political career in Ayers House. Another fact that will most likely cause you to bitch about McCain and deny the facts about Obama. Let the denying and bitching begin.
  4. You'd think you'd stop believing Republican infotainment:

    "Obama's formal kick-off to announce his run for state senate was at the Hyde Park Ramada Inn on Sept. 19, 1995. Obama was introduced by [Democratic Sen. Alice] Palmer in a room filled with supporters at the Ramada, fronting Lake Michigan on South Lake Shore Drive, a stroll from the Museum of Science and Industry.

    "*Around this time, Obama started to attend a series of coffees in the Hyde Park community where he lived, standard operating procedure for political rookies running in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Chicago.

    "*The Ackermans, Sam and Martha, longtime Hyde Park activists in independent Democratic politics, also held an early event for Obama in their condo on E. Hyde Park Boulevard. (They have since divorced.)

    "Sam Ackerman told me Tuesday when we exchanged e-mails that "as I recall, the event at Bill Ayers' house (prior to ours) was a fund-raiser for Alice's congressional campaign at which she also introduced Barack as the successor she would like to see elected."

    "The only question is the date. Nobody can be sure which event occurred first: The Coffee at Ayers', or the announcement at the Ramada. In other words, he may be lying, he might not, but the point is moot: It was an event for his predecessor at Ayers' house, and Obama just piggy-backed on it.
  5. Just drop it, it's not working, not even with racist rednecks in Western Pennsylvania. what do you do when a trade sours, you drop it. cut your losses, and move on. The Ayers matter is not getting any traction....
  6. lol @ this thread :D
  7. Bitch Bitch Bitch Deny Deny Deny. You guys have a pretty predictable agenda.
  8. Me :"Neo, did you hit a person while driving today?"

    Neo: "Um nooo, actually I didn't even drive anywhere today, why would you accuse me of that?"

    Me: "Bitch, bitch, deny, predictable!"

    Thats this thread.
  9. How would you know if i hit anyone or not? The relationship between Ayers and Obama is that a lot of people think he holds his radical views.

    Jonbig, if you did hit somebody while driving, you would bitch about the dent in your car and then you would deny hitting anyone at all.
  10. If you promise not to post anything for the next two weeks. I'll vote my McCain. But you have to promise.
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