Interesting Note on Why Hillary May Win..

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  1. Okay, call me a conspirator or whatever, just hear this theory out.

    First off, why will Hillary become next '08 Prez even though I'm not in favor? Well, here goes.

    First off, the world is seeming to open up more to women as leaders, you first have feminist movement back in the 60's or what not, new German chancellor is female, female ceos, etc. So, we as a population are being conditioned for a female president.

    Next, look at this pattern of recent presidents. Bush Sr., Clinton, Clinton, Bush Jr., Bush Jr. now maybe Clinton, Clinton again???

    Makes sense..

    As we all know, the dems/libs run the media. With the recent Diana concert, that may be even more of a reminder of how a woman in power would help empathize and care for our youth, our poor and those in hunger. Kinda makes men like GWB look like war mongers that just want war.

    The war in Iraq is a big hurting point for pubs. This gives Dems advatage from start.

    Lastly, dems won the house and senate. Now maybe they are going to take over as president.

    Who knows though, this could all be theory.
  2. Unless the GOP picks Mark 'the molester' Foley as their nominee, Hil-Dog can not and WILL NOT win a presidential election, ever.
  3. That was decades ago. Rupert Murdoch runs the biggest media empire in the U.S. and he's a conservative.

    Hillary and Obama can both win. It will be close, something like 49-47. Elections are not decided by the party faithful; it's the independents and the casual swing voters who usually tip the balance. Polls consistently show that these voters have had it with the Republican Party's Iraq War fiasco and the beltway scandals.
  4. Probably the exact reason why Bloomberg went independant. As we all know the independant more than once caused one of the bigger candidates not to win. It might be a calculated move by Bloomberg to use his position to attract those swingers that would otherwise cause their party to win. The only question is, what political position will he take and which party is het intending to deflate.

  5. People nearly always vote for the candidate they'd rather have a beer with. Hil-dog just isn't that kind of candidate, hence she has no chance. It's that simple. I wouldn't even be surprised to see her get knocked out in the Dem primaries.
  6. Voters have certainly had enough of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice/Wolfowitz neo-con cabal. However, they are <b>not</b> yet sick of having their freedoms stripped away one by one. This nation is sleepwalking straight into Giuliani's welcoming iron fists.

    As I've said before...

    As I see it, this country is on a collision course with disaster.
    The U.S. is a stagecoach, the horses rapidly galloping out towards the steep cliff we are about to fall off, yet the American people apathetically sit idle inside this doomed stagecoach, eating and drinking merrily- completely oblivious to the disastrous calamity our near future holds for us.

    Don't you people see how this is shaping up? Once the smoke clears and all the weak candidates are weeded out, we are going to have a presidential race between Giuliani and Hill-Dog. A choice between two individuals who can't be trusted to run a lemonade stand, let alone the greatest country on the planet.

    In this race, Giuliani will obviously prevail, as Hill-Dog will never EVER become a U.S. president. If you think the shredding of our Constitution is bad now, just wait until you see what Rudy does to it. If you're familiar with who I am and what I can do, you already know the uncannily accurate value of my predictions.

    As a nation, we are completely fucked- and the masses still can't see it coming. I do see our bleak, tyrannical future with crystal clarity, yet I'm completely powerless to avert the coming disaster. That's how Cassandra Complex always works, after all.
  7. LT701


    here's hillary

    they're all hillary

    and they're all bush

    a poster above understated the situation

    we've had these same chucklheads since 1980, 27 years

    Reagan(Bush Sr), Reagan(Bush Sr), Bush Sr, Clinton, Clinton, Bush Jr, Bush Jr

    buth it wouldnt matter if we had someone totally different

    if they're not 'On the Team', they're not 'Front Runners'

    'Front Runners' is an interesting play on words, if you think about it
  8. ===============
    [put my answers in brackets, why clinton probably will not win:cool: ]
  9. Bnb;
    Also i have voted for somewhat conservatives Christian Democrats like Jimmy Carter;
    once anyway, not twice he was a traitor to Israel, sellout to unions,created cookie monster called Dept of education:cool:
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    In that case I presume you are willing to offer 1000-1 odds against her? Politics, like trading, is a field where you should never say never.
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