Interesting new Blog I just found

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Johan, May 11, 2010.

  1. Johan


  2. Gcapman


    How do you find 1 post interesting?

    Your own blog perhaps..........?
  3. S2007S



    I thought I was going to see pages and pages of info.

    One post?

  4. bkveen3


    I just lost faith in my shorts.
  5. He has to be brave enough to tell you whether the market is goona rise or fall, and he has to be correct enough times. He did not give a forecast on market direction. Keep an eye on him, if you like.

    If this is your own blog, open a blog at People will be able to leave comments without an e-mail requirement.
  6. At this risk of pretentiousness, I would say that the bloggers's credibility might benefit from correcting the grammatical errors in his writing.
  7. how is this blog interesting?
  8. clacy


    This is the EXACT opposite of
  9. Where's the beef?