interesting IQ test...different

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  1. While I don't believe this test measures IQ (as it claims to), I thought it was interesting. It is certainly more a measure of education and general retention of knowledge.

    Anyway, it's fun and it proclaims me to be a genius, so therefore I can't argue with the results.

    Though I know it says some of my correct answers are wrong!!!

  2. Cammin71


    If it's a link it is not working for me :(
  3. don't understand why not....may need some input from the more computer savvy among us.

    anyone else able to open it??

  4. You have to have a recent edition of MS Excel on your machine.
  5. OK, thanks Max...I tried to save it in an older format, but I got a message that it would not be compatible. I have Office 2003...any suggestions on how to work around this??

  6. are you 2 actually helping eachother? :eek: :)
  7. Max always has been gracious in helping me with tech issues. And I have always expressed my gratitude for that.

    All other behavior I don't pretend to understand.


    BTW GG, were you able to get the link to the IQ test to work?
  8. The "You Scored" on the bottom doesn't seem to work right, i have so far completed the first 11 right(TRUE) yet it says 10.

    Anyone else having a counting problem?
  9. are you counting the first answer? #0?

    You get one right (the example) doesn't count toward the total.


  10. D'OH ! :mad:
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