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  1. place the amex exchange directly under the Smart Route
    during this time so you can tell if the Best Bid / OFFER ( NBBO)
    is Amex and thus know in advance if your attempt to hit or lift the
    SMART quote will be executed or not

    <Yes, and if you can't route to AMEX between 4:00pm-4:15pm, why show the quotes in SMART? If there is a quote in SMART, I expect to be able to hit/take it. For AMEX quotes between 4:00-4:15pm, this is not the case. Irritating.

    Either they need to make AMEX routable between 4:00-4:15pm, or they need to NOT include them in the SMART quote during this time >
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    This will work but it should not be a permanent solution. The fact that IB TWS is showing a quote in SMART that I can't hit/take implies to me that IB needs to look into the problem and fix it. Having SMART quotes that you can't route to is not how the TWS is supposed to work.
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  3. "Will it provide real time indexes for free? or will subscribers have to add exchange fees to see indexes?"

    Hmm a "non answer". I guess the assumed answer is "yes we charge exchange fees to access real time indexes"

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  4. the fact that ib offers x-trader platform to its customers indicates that its has no faith in its own platform and admits that the x-trader platform is a premier tool for trading derivatives around the globe.
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    Excuse me, where do you get this info from ?

    You might be confused with a deal that was announced over a year ago that was going to allow TT clients access to the global markets - particularly equities - that IB provides. Since then I believe TT shifted their focus to futures. Nothing much came of the deal.

    In any event, IB will hold it's own to any other products out there in terms of speed and functionality. Keeping in mind that there is no way any platform is going to be all things to all people, IB does have API and FIX connection functionality that allows others to use their front ends to route via the IB pipes. Many professional and freelance outfits have written or altered their code to route into the IB network - some of which is very good others kind of weak. So if there is someone out there using TT to route into IB, good for them and for those with business sense, you'd also know that's good for IB as well.
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    My unique perspective is that qdz is a big cry-baby, but not mentally ill.

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    Ok, lets try this again. We were not thinking of an Index only service, so you would need to take Nasdaq, NYSE, or Amex at $1. Most all of the Indexes come with the product at no extra charge beyond that. There are a few that do have a charge - S&P is now charging for their Indexes and the London Stock Exchange for the FTSE.

    Hope that helps,

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    Yeah otherwise known as "toxic customers." If you try and please them you'll destroy your biz, so those in the know tell these folks to **ck off.
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    Collectively IB has been the competitive pressure the clearing business has needed to force fees lower.

    With what this firm has directly or indirectly saved people who trade frequently, and who frequent this site, on commish we could all afford a fancy quote provider imo.

    Disclaimer: I don't trade with IB, nor have an account with them. I went with a competitor who lowered commissions in response to the IB schedule and pay a slight premium to have bells, whistles, vibrators, and fancy charts.
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  10. You ought to open an account at IB also... just to say "Thanks"!

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