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  1. Are you for real?!

    Tell you what... shhh, don't tell anytone this b.t.w:

    You can now afford to buy a TV and hook up cable, and keep cnbc, cnn, bloombergs' etc., on in the background (with the sound off if you prefer) to check on the COMP....

    all with the bucks you save on commissions.

    You HAVE heard of cable TV? :eek:


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  2. Yeah and as a bonus cnbc will throw in the $RUT and spot gold as well for the same low price :D
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  3. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    eSignal has launched a new real time streaming quote product MarketCenter. We have a special offer of just $1 per month - regular price just $4.95! Exchange fees extra.

    This product is targeted at the less active trader, or casual investor who wants a true real time streaming product, (or a backup to IB). Can run on any PC without having to download software.

    This is a light weight Java real time streaming Indexes, US, and Canadian stock quote system. With Java it runs on PCs, MACs, and Linux, and is firewall friendly (can use it at work).

    Uses the same reliable (award winning) eSignal quote servers. Many add on options will be coming soon - expect streaming charts, Scanners, and Futures (including eminis) in early May.

    Check it out here:

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  4. Why should thay have the composites if they can't be traded?
    What useful purpose would that serve? The info would only be relevent if you charted it, and to the best of my knowledge, very few app's chart using IB data.

    IB is still da best in my books.
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  5. Is it? Sounds like the difference between FTSE 100 and FTA to me.
    FTA still gets reported a lot, but doesn't really mean much when most of FTA's value is in the FTSE 100 anyway.

    I would suspect that if NDX was the one reported all the time instead of the Comp, that would be the popular index instead...

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  6. condorll - QuoteTracker charts using IB data quite nicely, as do a number of other programs. Since that is the index that is most reported, it is also the one that influences the most people, not NDX, so it is quite relevant to trading. It should be available for that purpose if none other.

    Not a big deal for QuoteTracker users since they have it in the index panel, coming from other sources.
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  7. I always thought that in the main it was institutionally controlled money (fund managers and the like) that moved the markets and that the vast majority of people just jumped (or fail to) on their coat tails - usually after the main event. I wonder what they (the institutional guys) look at? Comp or NDX...

    Just thinking out loud :confused:

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  8. Will it provide real time indexes for free? or will subscribers have to add exchange fees to see indexes?
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  9. sprstpd


    Yes, and if you can't route to AMEX between 4:00pm-4:15pm, why show the quotes in SMART? If there is a quote in SMART, I expect to be able to hit/take it. For AMEX quotes between 4:00-4:15pm, this is not the case. Irritating.

    Either they need to make AMEX routable between 4:00-4:15pm, or they need to NOT include them in the SMART quote during this time (they can make the AMEX quote a blue color, just like they do with pre-market SUPERSOES quotes and these don't get included in SMART). I've tried talking to several customer support people about this problem but nothing has been done and there is not a recognition that it is a problem.
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  10. gee sys quit your whining :confused:
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