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  1. I am assuming that since your name is Breakout that you prefer breakout strategies? The only problem I see with this strategy is, like the website says, you aren't going to get anything out of the market when it isn't trending nicely.

  3. Breakout,

    We have very different trading philosophies. I am a big fan of moving averages, candlesticks and the actual tape (price movement).

    I'm not saying that a breakout system isn't good (Didn't Larry Williams mainly trade a breakout system to 100x his 10k investment?) -- but from what I've seen, a strategy based around using a good moving average technique is also a very viable and workable system.

    I believe breakout systems have a low percentage of winners that are very good winners, as compared to a larger number of smaller losses.

    That kind of strategy wouldn't mesh well with my personality -- but I'm sure a good breakout strategy would work great if someone had the discipline to follow it and accept a string of losing trades for that big winner -- but I wouldn't have the discipline to trade that type of system.

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  5. Sorry! Any other breakout Wizards on this board??

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  7. I also used to trade breakouts but have taken them out of my trading plan because of the high number of false breakouts in the mini's.

    But I added this to my plan. "A false signal is a strong signal"
  8. esu2


    I've been using both breakouts and moving avgs
    in my 5 min emini setups.

    I would say that in the past month, breakouts
    have been working better for me than moving avgs.
  9. When you took breakouts out of your trading plan, what did
    you fall back on...pullbacks?
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