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  1. I have a good strategy and it pays a good profit every month. I told it to my friends, they told it to their friends, now a few people use it and make a lot every month. The problem is, I live in a small town in a small country before me nobody in my town even heard the word forex, now they're taking a big amount from the same broker. I was wondering, does anybody think that the broker will catch up to the fact that everybody in my town is winning using the same strategy and will we have problems in the future?
  2. I know that many people will tell you that your broker will do all they can to stop you from making money, I just don't agree.

    I have taught hundreds of people to trade and many of them make money.

    They confer with each other about trades and I am sure that there are several people placing the same trades. Yet, miraculously, they make money.

    You have to realize that your trading size, including all of your friends and their friends and so on, is no more than a drop of rain in the Pacific Ocean.

    If and when (here's some wishful thinking) you are placing trades for 1000 lots, you may well show up on their radar.

    Until then, don't worry about it.

    But, if you do notice any strange "trading activity" by your broker, please let me know. I would be curious about this.
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    Why not share your strategy with us as you shared it with your town's people. If ET members trade your strategy then you can make sure that your broker will not localize your small town since many countries in the world will have traders running your strategy.:D