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    When looking over people's opinions on this forum, I found some strange correlations of world views that have seemingly nothing to do with each other. In fact, two belief sets are strongly internally correlated:

    Set A: Belief in religion, not accepting global warming, belief in some conspiracy theories (faked birth certificates, Bin Laden still alive etc.), against Obama, against foreign aid, against homosexuality, and in favor of free weapon sales.

    Set B: no religion, accepting global warming, no belief in conspiracy theories, in favor of Obama, in favor of foreign aid, accepting homosexuality, and against free weapon sales.

    I can not really see why a religious person also must believe in conspiracy theories - maybe because both religion and conspiracy assume a sort of hidden reality? but this seems sort of far fetched. Also I do not see why religion is so strong anticorrelated to acceptance of global warming and to weapons control, as all three have apparently nothing to do with each other. And why are nonreligious people in favor of Obama although he's sort of religious?

    Is this the basic struggle between irrationalism and rationalism? Or are there really only two different sets of world views in the US? Or are only two people posting on this forum under lots of different names?

    - Interestingly, the forum administrator seems to participate by overriding thread ratings: the members on this forum are evenly distributed among A and B, but set A posts are always rated 5 stars and set B post always 1 star. I'd wager the administrator has the 'A' mindset.
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    I'd wager the administrators neither override ratings or even vote for thread ratings.
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    Just another phony scholar suffering from cranium extrajus rectum.
  4. 1) agw is a conspiracy
    2) You just can't handle the fact that your preferred leaning posts get crappy review ratings , awwwwee ain't that sad.
    Another liberal that can't handle reality :p .

    Oh btw that's a conspiracy theory you got going there numbnuts (about the thread ratings), so thanks for the hypocrisy, enjoy!
  5. You did the research, so in your opinion which ''set'' made the USA the great country is it ?
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    This is a good question. I would attribute the greatness of the US to the founding spirit of tolerance and enlightenment, in a world that was at that time still plagued by religious intolerance, superstition and absolutism. However, the landscape of US mindsets must have been somewhat more versatile back then.
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    Would that be the tolerance of native American Indians?
  8. the religious are taught to distrust science in their churches because science is falsifing their bible. in order to ignore science in favor of superstition you have to suspend critical thinking. that leads to a mindset of willful ignorance. the rest follows.

    "Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of
    spiritual things, but -- more frequently than not -- struggles against the
    divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God."
    father of modern Protestant christianity, Martin Luther
  9. How many even vote on threads ?
    How many threads have you voted on in the last year.

    Myself, zero.
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    No belief in conspiracy theories? Are you freaking joking? All I heard from this bunch for 8 years was that Bush was behind 9/11.
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