Interesting comparison of spreads and data - FXDD vs. FXCM vs. InterbankFX

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Which broker is better for data and server reliability?

  1. FXDD

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  2. FXCM

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  3. InterBank FX

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  4. FXPro

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  5. Other (please state)

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  1. cascade


    Hello all,

    Here is a nice comparison of the spreads for end of day July 2nd, 2010 for FXDD vs. FXCM vs. InterBankFX.

    I'm currently trying to find which broker will give me the most reliable data as I depend on it to produce a DDE-based Excel spreadsheet. And also I am developing an automated trading system (ATM) so the less spreads and more reliability/stability in data the better.

    Anyone have opinions and evidence please let me know.

    As you can see spreads are usually 2-5 pips.

    Interesting how FXCM has more symbols/instruments to trade. This feature looks more attractive and might sway my decision making.

    It looks like FXCM tends to have smaller spreads:

    For GBP/JPY:
    FXCM - 5 pips
    FXDD - 9 pips
    InterBank FX - 6 pips

    For AUD/CAD:
    FXCM - 5 pips
    FXDD - 8 pips
    Interbank FX - 6 pips

    For AUD/NZD:
    FXCM - 9 pips
    FXDD - 14 pips
    Interbank FX - 14 pips

    ( ... 14 pips!!!!! wtf??)

  2. moarla


    all 3 bucket-shops so i dont care
  3. cascade


    Here are FXPro's spreads and data. They have even more instruments than FXCM!!

    However FXPro has really wide spreads;
    AUD/NZD - 21 pips!!!



  4. Oanda publishes the spreads of all the pairs it offers
    the eurusd for instance during rth is a non-fluctuating spread of 0.9 pips, during the
    weekend and holidays - Oanda can be traded 24/365 - the spread goes to 10 pips
    and the highest i've seen it for the eurusd is 20 pips on May 6
    like all fx transactions bank to bank, fx brokers, the spread widens during news / report
    announcements and fast markets
  5. cstfx


    MBT and IB.

    Get away from the bucket shops.

  6. You're damn right!!...those are only 2 brokers(besides Dukascopy) that don't screw you over in terms of data and spreads as a whole.
  7. JDL


  8. I am going to start trading some spot market action with a new order flow tracking tool to test it out (not exactly like Cumulative Delta but in the same ballpark). I am going to use TradeVec through vCap Futures with PFGBest so I will see how it goes............

    TradeVec will be linked to PFG forex data for spot market trading and I should be testing out this set up starting next week.

    Also, for more FX choices I like what vCap has to offer.........
  9. cascade


    So some basic questions as these posts require lots of reading :)) )

    vCap = brokerage
    TradeVec = platform
    PFGBest = data

    is this right?
  10. Yes :)
    #10     Jul 5, 2010