Interesting. CNN:Cain might be pulling away from Romney

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  1. November 2nd, 2011
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    Poll: Cain pulls ahead of Romney
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    CNN's Ashley Killough

    (CNN) - A new poll puts Herman Cain ahead of Mitt Romney by seven percentage points in the GOP presidential race, reflecting a margin wider than the sampling error.

    Cain and Romney competed for the top spot in national polls for much of October, but a Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday shows Cain breaking ahead to take a solid lead.

    Cain took 30% of support among registered Republican voters, according to the survey, with Romney following at 23%.

    The poll, taken almost entirely before reports emerged of sexual allegations against Cain, also reveals Cain leading in a hypothetical matchup against Romney, 47% to 39%.

    Cain has pulled away from Romney in the latest poll.
    This was after the vegas debates and before the "sex harassment" issues, would be interesting to see polls after that.

    Seems like any publicity is good publicity for the Cain Train.
  2. baby jesus. please make herman cain the republican candidate. amen
  3. BE afraid PUNK. Be very afraid.
  4. i am afraid of romney. he is the only sane republican.
  5. I said this in 2008. After he quit, I said, uh oh, the pubs have their guy. He is quitting because they assume Obama will either overreach or underproduce. Romney, who quit early to prevent unneeded damage, will be there to challenge Obama in 2012.

    It has been the game plan all along.
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    Romney is a flip-flopping liberal.
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    pretty much
  8. Herman Cain is an uncle tom a la clarence thomas with similar desires (wink wink). He will be thoroughly destroyed in the debates and with negative ads plus there is no way in hell the republican party will be energized to vote for a black guy (even "their black guy"). Using Herman Cain to grab black vote from democrats is similar to using Sarah Palin to grab women - it is not going to work. You give this clown 5 minutes to talk about how his parents encouraged him to sit at the back of the bus and not make unnecessary noise and the black community will hate him with a passion.
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    What a crock of shit. The same shit RCG keeps trying to pass off as "political analysis".

  10. +1

    Its funny how they think Cain will take black voters from Obama.Try to find the black people at Cains rallies :confused:

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