Interesting Chart from Michael Burry Concerning Margin Debt and Market Crashes

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    No i am not screaming "this is the top"...I think we still have some time to go...but I encourage everyone to join some reddit and facebook trading groups simply to observe retail enthusiasm on its way to euphoria...waaaay too many retards have been making money lately haha.

  2. Hrmmm....

    Bitcoin must surely be reaching it's blow off top not too far off from now. That has proven a pretty good canary in the mine for Risk On for some time now....

    .....and this chart certainly paints a picture.
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    I'm not sure what that chart means. Doesn't it show margin debt currently at the lowest since 1997???
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    Debt is inverted.
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    EDIT: apparently this is in reference to the USD and not the stock market.

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  6. Burry has the Midas touch. his trades turn to gold but take a toll on society. shorting subprime, investing in GME, and now foreshadowing hyperinflation. if he's right, following his advice i guess we can profit, but the world will not be a happy place.
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  7. Financialism is a parasite on mankind, that exploits our weaknesses, that is why so many get so utterly addicted to it and why it has grown into by far the biggest 'industry' on Earth, whilst not actually producing very much in the way of value. It is like porn to the libido or MSG or sugar to the tastebuds.....

    ......but you don't make the rules and scurry off with only a few relative small crumbs from the markets if you are lucky. Not your responsibility to worry about the right or wrong of it all.
  8. Right, but he also lost his shirt trying to short Tesla. He took multiple shots directed at Elon Musk personally.... and then later deleted all of his tweets.

    Michael Burry is knowledgeable. But he's also an idiot. How do you know when you're on the right side?
  9. I'm not sure I understand the point - the chart shows margin debt way low and going down, isn't that a bullish sign if anything, given it means more juice is there to buy stock going forward?
  10. do you see the red line? now look at where red shows up on the chart again. See that? as red line goes down, price goes big.

    Big margin goes down (dont forget, according to the chart), stock goes up. When big margin gets called, stock will go down.

    Its no wonder 90% of retail are a bunch of money losing idiots.
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