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    What are you doing these days?
  2. Working. Reading.
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    Some of the old commodity guys like Gann and Burton Pugh wrote that the full moon was an advantageous time to buy. "Buy the full, sell the new." If commodities move inversely to stocks, this paper goes hand in hand with that concept.
  4. I just thought it was interesting b/c it is an indicator that almost no one uses. I like indicators like that.
  5. yeah, ok....good luck with that.
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  7. Interesting. I did not look much, but this is all cribbed from Kondratieff, a Russian economist who wasn't too popular with his commie friends.
  8. Actually, I think I am going to buy that moon book. Have you ever read it, what was your impression. Thank you again. I have a lot of projects on my table, but I think I can add one more.
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