interesting action in USD/JPY past few days

Discussion in 'Trading' started by empee, Sep 20, 2007.

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    .. is it presaging things to come? Or has the link been severed?

    Carry still works, maybe not as well.
  2. Last few days? The thing dropped 200 overnight. Swap trends trump equity correlation.
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    once the carry trade is done with say goodbye to this bullmarket.
  4. Lucky for me the ~116.50 area has been good resistance! :D God Bless the JPY!
  5. selling here usd/jpy 115.07 115.35 and 115.89
  6. Interesting? Frustrating for me. I have been whipsawed and bitchslapped like a little fat kid, both on the short and long side. Right now long JPY futures and about to get stopped out again. Time to reverse again :(
  7. I am long USD ! I like Greenback ! Should buy some more ! Gonna fly for Christmas over to U.S for bargain hunting on Wall Street and 5th Avenue...:p
  8. I hear there are many arbitrage opportunities out there now.

    -Buy a brand new 5 BMW, transport it to Europe, pay shipping, import and VAT and still pocket 20% profits. Nice.
    -Buy a Breitling or Rolex in NY and sell it on Ebay in Europe for a quick 10%.
  9. Heard about I can buy with my EUR 40 % more GS, JPM, MS, BSC, LEH, MER, WB shares. That true ??? :confused:
  10. Only if you have too much money :p
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