Interested in NYC Internship

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by PinkBunny, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. I'm looking for a succesful trader in NYC who is interested in a win-win relationship with a young aspiring trader.

    I live in Manhattan and homeschool myself, which allows me to have an extremely flexible schedule. Other than exercise, working on my writing, and learning math/science, my main focus in life is trading the markets and learning as much as I can as quickly as possible. I have read somewhere between 30 and 50 books on trading and investing. While I am just shy of 18 years old, don't let my age (or lack thereof) fool you: I am extremely mature and intellectually indistinguishable from a well educated adult.

    I am very intelligent and can learn new concepts quickly. While I believe intelligence is a prerequisite for success, I also believe that it is only through hardwork and perserverence that one can trade succesfully. I have a very good work ethic and am extremely disciplined in acheiving the goals I set for myself; I am emotionally stable and have mastered the art of maintaining high energy levels - I can stay productive and focus for extended periods of time without suffering burnout. My motivation is second to none.

    I am interested in finding a succesful trader or group of traders who can benefit from having another brain around, doing research, scanning stocks, doing whatever is needed. I am willing to perform any task or take any test to prove my worth and expect no compensation except for knowledge, wisdom, and the presence of success so that I can model it.

    My future will be in the markets and I will make any necessary sacrifices to trade succesfully.

    If my offer seems potentially appealing but you have concerns or are afraid of committing to some random kid posting on ET, I'm more than willing to meet in person so that we can see what potential we have for a succesful relationship. I have all the time and mindpower in the world to dedicate - can any succesful market stalkers in this city benefit from it?

    I am located in Manhattan on the Upper West Side.
  2. If you are looking for training, it is important you understand the commission structure and instrument scope of prop trading.

    There are a few groups from Generic, Genesis, Benchmark, and Echo in NYC that are reliable and flexible with the time frames they can teach, though I cannot give you their names. If you receive any offers from someone claiming to be from "Triad Securities" avoid them at all costs. I've heard negative things about Caliber Financial, Prestige, Evolution Capital, Positrade, etc.
  3. Also one last thing: your ad is terrific. I run a group of traders myself (not in NYC), and I would take notice of your application in contrast to the ones I normally filter out.

    Retain your optimism and humility. Those will serve you well in trading, as odd as that may seem.