Interested in learning how to trade using technical analysis.

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  1. Hey... everybody wants to win. Market doesn't allow all to win and makes it difficult even for most who do.
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    that is very true
    sorry I should thank you.
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    you are too kind

    actually truly the problem is with us /me .

    I make money one day, next day I make stupid trades.

    am trying to figure that one out. will do it

    market does not care about us either way

    actually I used to have the same problem with golf..

    play well one day next....could never solve it but trading is a little easier
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    India Pale Ale-IPA...hoppy brew
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    send me a tanker
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    On the way :D
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  7. Read a story years ago about a market guy who was retiring after 50 years. He said, "50 years... and I never really figured it out".

    So... (1) If you are still struggling, you're in good company....and (2) just because he never "got it", doesn't mean you won't. Don't give up. Keep plugging.
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    you see the aim should be to make money not figure it out.

    but if you want 1000% a day you need to figure it out.

    the balance we have to find.meaning make a little money while trying to figure it out

    thanks talking to you has helped me focus
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  9. themickey


    Padu, a question.
    Yesterday when you placed the AUDUSD trade which blew your account, why is it you had your stop so far away to wipe out the account?
    You recieved a friendly warning re AUD would spike (election result), consequently AUD began rising steadily but you kept on the short.
    Your stop seemed excessive for a scalping trade.
    Did you deliberately set to blow your account in order to gain trolling points?
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