Interested in learning how to trade using technical analysis.

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    not scalpers

    and now these points are more often than not used for trapping traders.
    earlier in the good old days, when intraday charts did not exist,they were watched but even then there were a lot of whipsaws.
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  2. There you go again... with your "hairs".

    That was a joke, right?

    Actually, stupid as scalping is... scalpers SHOULD pay attention to the 50/200... for the same reason the rest of us should also.
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    if you watch price it self, then averages of price become superfluous.
    averages are required when you want a bird's eye view of price.
    in any case I presume there may be many uses for them but I just did not find any use for it myself.
    there are many things I should watch but my mind cannot keep track of them all and in any case all of them are interrelated, so only a few things need be watched .I could write a book about this and I know you can to so let us leave this here.
    if you do need to point out anything I am willing to listen and learn but forgive me if after 30 years of this I doubt if I will hear anything earth shaking
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    traders do make a living out of it so it may be stupid for you
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  5. No offense, pal... but instead of having "30 years experience", you seem to have "1 years experience, 30 times".... not to fret, lots of traders are in the same boat. You say you have 30 years experience... I don't hear that behind your words.)
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  6. What percentage of market players earn enough to make scalping worthwhile? The concept is sooooooo stupid* as to even make a blip on the landscape. I'll bet the notion of "successful scalper" is more of the unicorn.

    *HFT front-runners, excluded
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  7. Lots of examples of, "can't see the forest for the trees".
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    so you are talking about everyone else in the...whole market.....are they all stupid
    I do not want to get personal like you are doing but then I do not need to....your words are enough
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  9. No. Scapling is stupid. Too much noise, poor risk-reward endeavor, + costs.

    You claim to have "30-years experience"... but your words say, "they weren't good years".... that is you haven't learned what you should have by now. (That's not a knock. You "don't know until you know".... the time it takes is irrelevant. There are "late bloomers" in all walks of endeavor. You'll "get it" or not. The time frame is irrelevant.)

    What I find annoying... is that you claim to have "30-years experience... therefor one should respect your experienced view". Yet, you still "haven't gotten it".... 30-years or not.

    The market has a "way" about it. I've run across maybe a dozen on ET who "get it". And you, sir, are not one of them... at least not yet. (Not intending to shame... just saying, "you ain't got it right, more work to be done.")
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    enough about me and all the traders in the market

    let us talk about you

    please tell us what a great trader scalper YOU ARE
    or maybe you do not trade. if you trade put your trade live in the journal like I do..
    I may not be a great trader but I do not lie and belittle the whole market like you are doing

    tell us

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