Interested in learning how to trade using technical analysis.

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by coinjockey, May 17, 2019.

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    Yes he is!
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    do not be silly
    and he will probably sue me
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    every guru looked like that

    and the only person who i am going to teach my method to is my i am no guru

    as Will Smith said 'if you do not share in my suffering, you will not share in my success'
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  4. Trust me. We are sharing in your suffering by reading your posts!
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    2 days ahead of schedule! Way to go, sir! You are in fact a traderGOD.
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    I apologize sincerely for all the suffering I have caused
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    Tis but just a scratch, used to it now.
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    'Tis but a scratch? Indeed. Mice do love cheese!

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  9. If not sarcasm, you're cutting yourself short.

    Almost everybody follows the 50 and 200 day MAs... as they should. They are often important action points. (And if everybody watches the 50/200, so should you.) At times a different MA will prove to be significant if you bother to look for it.

    MAs aren't a good system by themselves*... just one of the things to watch for and play when relevent.

    *my introduction to "Price TA" began with a study of the "20 day MA cross" at a time when that worked particularly well. In spite of that, I'm not a fan of relying too much on MAs.
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  10. Rule 1. There are no rules
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