Interested in learning how to trade using technical analysis.

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  1. Never said they are. Sometimes the 200 MA means absolutely nothing.

    When you've become skilled, you'll know when that is.
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  2. NQurious


    I disagree. Brooks is a tough read because Brooks is not a talented writer. In fact, he is a very poor writer. There are hundreds of better writers who have posted to ET over the years. I'm not saying he is a bad trader or the others are good traders. But Al cannot write and he should stick to video production. He should also hire a voice actor to do his videos. He would be at his strongest unseen and unheard behind the scenes.

    You should join the ET micro to mini trading contest in June - would love to have you showcase your success!

    William O'Neil mentioned by @murray t turtle and the authors mentioned in @speedo's post are all good starting points. I found the attached by John T Hill particularly useful. Most important will be for you to decide what kind of trader you want to be, what markets and time frames and strategies suit your own personality, etc. The best advice I ever got was to sit in front of a live intraday chart and just watch. No trades, no thinking about trades or money - just watch. If you can do that for a few weeks or a month you will learn more about price behavior than you will from any book we might recommend. In fact, I'd recommend you do that before you buy any book at all. Do that, and then come back here, tell us what you think you learned, and then we can make a better recommendation for you.
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  3. dozu888


    padu is giving a lot of advice today after making $1k last week lol.
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    yes that is true....

    but even in golf o have seen that most who give advice are the 24 handicapers...Tiger Woods even when asked would reply"DUh ! i dont know "

    yes i am giving...but i am sure most will not take it...not because it s not good advice but because it may not fit their needs
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    this he has admitted his first few words in his book he has warned readers of this but the wealth of information, that is there beneath all the shit, which you have to clean, is 29 carat gold and i can trade today, like i do, because of his enthusiasm, in writing the book and sharing his knowledge.

    it took me 12 years to do it but i am ok with it now
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    i did make $1k but the statement profit for the day was 671 losing trade..... which in scalping is a remarkable achievement, even if i have to say so myself
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    thank you i might...though i generally hate contests.

    i am not aversed to continue to post my statements which you can come to my home and verify in person if you are so in need of doing so
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    i am so skilled i do not need moving averages

    but that is exactly what i have written...we agree then is never: a=b so c=d...
    if it is so [a=b then c=d] then no one will take the other side of the transaction and the whole market will have to adjust up or down until someone takes the other side of the transaction and that equation is not true
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    for over 30 years, i read books, took courses gathered great deal of knowledge and lost a great deal of money.
    I realised that knowledge alone will not get you need understanding
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    Be very careful there, sir. We can dream and imagine pretty big out here in the wasteland of losers. Can you? And be careful with your haughtiness. Those who like to brag the most, have the most to lose, and will collapse under the weight of their own ego. Don't do it. Learn humility.

    I guess you've never tried to read Tolkien's "The Silmarillion". That book will mess up your mind...Like playing chess against yourself, hehe.
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