Interested in learning how to trade using technical analysis.

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    'if you cannot learn the basics and watch a profitable trader at work, restrict your trading to the supermarket' Ed Seykota
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    Al Brooks told me 'this is a bull and that is bear'

    I said'that looks like a elephant and that looks like a lion'

    he replied 'if you do not pay me that will happen'
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  5. Get a crystal ball , you'll see the similarities overtime...
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    Lots of good free info on that site already without having to go into his books. Then if checking out the books, imo Bulkowski's books are far easier to read than Al Brooks' and details more trade & money management plus a lot more practical information and many patterns are supported by his backtested stats. I wished I came across these books instead of Brooks' years ago when I first started as a far more effective trading book reading entry point. "Trading Basics" and "Getting started with Chart Patterns" are a decent intro to TA & market structure, and informing an absolute new beginner.
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  7. The most important concepts of TA will fit onto a 3"x5" index card, but it's gonna take a LOT of "sifting" through info and theory to get down to it.

    Suggest reading all you can that's free online and on Youtube before you bother with books. (Books are most likely going to give you a heap of the author's bias and be convincing about it... even if he's wrong.)

    If some concept is mentioned by a number of purveyors, it's likely relevant. (The value of the "200 day Moving Average" test, for example.)
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    i suggest you use your brains

    i used technical analysis for 25 years.

    i am now trading using my brains.
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    but you have to understand it.........not all tests are equal....

    and you have to understand what is a moving average and what is a relevant test and what is just a move down.....

    i am not talking specifics here on purpose ...because that will give a target to all those snipers here on ET.

    try trading everytime market touches the 200 day moving average or any average for that matter, [they were all made by some idiot technical analyst, not by GOD], and then get back to me.

    OH if only trading were so simple
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    but trading patterns on an intraday is like trading mirages.

    trade patterns on a daily chart is good but you need excellent money management and a lot of patience.Because they do not occur often and they are only 50% probability

    Brooks is a tough read and it is tough read because the market is a tough read.
    it took me 12 year but now i am making more percentage returns than anybody can dream or imagine in their widest dreams
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