Interested in learning how to trade using technical analysis.

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  1. Hello, just joined Elitetrader I'm interested in learning how to trade stocks using technical analysis. I would appreciate any suggestions on books or training courses.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Top Trader books by Jack Schwager;
    especially William O Neil, IBD founder. Books are your best buy/sell. I seldom sell any of mine; but give some away, about the same thing ,but better.:cool::cool:,:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    I donated a bunch of them last week but a good primer is John Murphy's Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets. Once you understand tools and lingo, you might try Joe Ross, Raschke and Connors, Jeff Cooper, Bill Williams and others for strategy ideas.
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    I like LB Raschke; she said a 50 dma buy is the holy grail [so to speak]
    Sure is in a good uptrend; but when it cant stay above 50 dma /DOW, I may find something better. SDOW is above 50dma >> than DOW,LOL. :cool::cool:, :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:NOT a prediction, not much of a DOW watcher.
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    I am not advocating this; it is only an observation. Do a PDF search for any book you wish to read. "Maybe" you will find it for free. A lot of trading courses (pirated for sure) can be found at a hefty discount (although with no support) if you do some digging as well. I do not advocate not paying for content BUT there is a lot of crap out there. If you find a particular book or course helpful pay the content creator.
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    technical analysis is a bad term to use. situation analysis is more like it... you don't see poker pros describe what they do as 'technical analysis'.
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    do not buy any book

    i read books for twenty years..i lost money

    just learn basic charting...

    just trade on sim for will then know how markets work.....

    bettter than reading books for years and then wondering how markets work

    just buy when you think you should and sell when you think you this for ten years and then go live

    you can buy books courses and then after years you will know how those idiots work!
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    before you read books and make makes more sense to write to Santa Clause for a million usd....
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    I don't think Tim the toolman is gonna' donate.
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