Interested in graphic design - where to start?

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  1. I've always been interested in graphic design and being able to make simple pictures and stuff look like a pro worked on it for hours. Knowing there are some computer gurus on the board, a few questions:

    1) With all the software out there, which is most user friendly, esp for a newbie getting into basic graphic design to start?

    2) Which software is the mercedes of graphic design software? Is it user friendly to a newbie?

    3) What is a good way to learn how to use the software? I am very hands on, but cannot read a 700 page manual and get much accomplished. I'd prefer to find a class to take - either locally or over the web - that can walk you through how to do stuff.

  2. Some starting points,

    Adobe photoshop is considered the merc in that regard. And it should be, price is HORRENDOUS.

    Correldraw is highly regarded, too.

    Now, im computer illiterate, and near as i can tell you would have to some sort of wunderkind to use them ever, pros take years to even learn the basics of what they can do.

    So, any easy alternative, for the great introductory price of FREE,

    Google THE GIMP, its claimed by many to be as good as photoshop, and FREE.
    Theres a lot of rivalry between gimpsters and photoshop devotees, probably because both of them take so long to learn, they get confused on looking at the different software and naturally claim its inferior.

    Give the GIMP a try, see what your up against.

    Better still, try out PAINT.NET (thats the actual name) with any luck you will find it easier to use and freindlier.

    Doesnt mean you wont be pulling your hair out trying to figure out layering/pathways etc, but so far it "looks" the best for a newb (ie, me).

    Ive spent some time on these things, and got precisely nowhere, im trying to muck around with some of my work, clueless.

    Try PAINT.NET first maybe-unless an early grave is your idea of fun.
  3. Should point out, gimp/ are open source, none of this shareware/demo rubbish.
    THere are some links to user groups and stuff on the sourceforge site, for the gimp etc stuff-no idea what their talking about. Damn nerds.

    I suspect its easier to try and learn making simple images on the programs, i was trying to load up finished paintings and stuff, and hopeing (ok, expecting) to be able to mess around with it without to much fuss, but its very difficult-your layers werent made on the program, it sees it as one layer and trying to isolate bits of it isnt really what these programs are great at.

    Or at least, what im not great at.
  4. Anyone want to buy a painting/tattoo draft?:D :D
    Value, honest:)

    Brownsfan, do you have any experience in the feild BTW? Drawing, illustrating, anything?
    Whaddya got, because it makes a big difference i think.

    I know a pro commercial artist, granted he knows shite about graphics programs......

    But to cut a long story short, his conclusion was it would take less time and less effort, to simply paint/draw the thing yourself.

    To me, the real trick lies in understanding what you do well, and knowing what the program can do well.

    Im convinced theres a happy medium there, i havent found it but im really damn lazy and uninspired re; artwork.
    And learning spanish. And learning coding.
    You get the picture.


  5. Perhaps this should be addressed specifically, i didnt do so initially.

    To make simple pictures " look like a pro worked on it for hours".
    Most of my best work, was produced in half a day or so.....
    If it didnt pass muster in a short space of time, my experience has been dump it, start again, work the method over, different strategy.

    You might still make something good with persistence, but will probably lack the goodies to make it a truly "damn that is good" peice of artwork.

    Of course, none of that would mean anything to ET'ers.........
    alien concepts, im sure:)
  6. Experience in this - None.

    At this point, I am basically looking to be able to take a digital picture or 2, combine them into one and be able to do some stuff in the background.

    I appreciate these replies acronym. I am going to check some of these out that you recommend.
  7. Excellent, then were in the same boat!!

    Yeah, i thought, hey, i can just upload somethun, fool around with it.
    Change the overall "tone", or something, print that sucker out. can, just theres some study there.
    And as it stands, id sooner do it with my own hands, its always a difficult process.
  8. At this point I am seriously thinking about taking some college level classes at a local community college. They have an official 'graphic design' program and since I learn much better by watching and interacting, this might be the best way to go.
  9. lindq


    Photoshop is the industry standard. If you are interested in the industry, you must know it.

    You can pick up older versions of Photoshop on Ebay for good prices. Try and stay with vs 5.0 or later. Get familiar with that, and the newer versions are just extra bells and whistles.
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