Interest of Bonds?

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  1. I've been expirementing with a few other financial instruments I bought a couple thousand of corporate bonds via IB. But after a month I've not seen any interest payment and nothing under the tab accrued interest?

    How do these things work do they really pay interest or are corporate bonds a scam?:confused:
  2. no wonder you've failed.
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    Depending on the bond, the interest is paid once a month, once a quarter or once a year.
  4. how do I know?
    wheres the proof?
    i have seen nothing in my account statements about interest payments, where to look?
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  6. thats a bond fund though. Im talking about a real corporate bond of one company. So does the money magically appear in my IB account? Theres no way to check!
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    Give me the ticker of this corporate bond.
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    Bob111 are truly failed..buying the bonds @ the ultimate top.
    you know, that if rates go up,bond prices are going down? you know this, right? and since US current rate is zero-there is not much room to go up. but plenty to go down. yields on all corp bonds are close to zero or even negative in some cases.. is the picture for you. main identifier for any bond is CUSIP #

    lots of info can be found if you click RMB on selected bond in TWS and contract info(see screen)
    even more info can be found on FINRA site-

    put cusip into search and select bond

    accrued interest? you must be fucking buy-you pay to the seller. it's a negative number(like most of your numbers,since you are failed)..check your statement @ day of purchase to see it yourself.

    take care
  9. I think the OP may be referring to the current accrued on his position (i.e. the accrued interest if he were to sell his bonds), rather than what he paid at the time of purchase. It's a valid question.
  10. That makes no sense. OMG I just looked at my statements and i paid interest to somebody?

    This makes no sense, if I OWN bonds shouldn't I get paid interest by the company from which the bonds came? And NOT pay interest to some random dude I don't even know????

    omg i went to ur sites and it says you pay that accrued interest, but it also said after that you dont pay it anymore, so your WRONG!

    After that I should get regular coupon payments which is what I meant. How do I know when my coupon payments are and how much they are???

    I don't understand where I find this information, nothing on google finance!
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