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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by mattzeiler, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Do you really need to have done 100 previous trades with another broker in order to start up a IB account? How do they check this, because in the application can't you just say you did?
  2. don't forget the 10yrs experience....:p
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    I would send them a note and tell them you really know what you're doing.:D
  4. Where does it say ten years experience? I never read that anywhere. They mention that if you are under 25 you get a discount on monthly activity fee, so how would that be possible if you needed 10 years experience? You would have to start at 15, which is impossible.
  5. uh?...u have to complete a questionnaire that asks u about how many yrs of experience u have on stocks/options/futs, and if u don't have at least 10 yrs on your back in trading stocks your application will be rejected.
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    I assume you are being sarcastic but 10 years trading experience is not required.
  7. no, have been not: if I didn't go for the 10yr option I'd simply get a statement requiring to have just that as a min req for trading stocks otherwise I cudnt continue the application; maybe things have changed a bit since then but I remember this as if it was ydtdy.