interbank rate for weekend

Discussion in 'Forex' started by jayoo, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. jayoo


    I need forex interbank rate for weekend.

    At, I can get daily historical data which include weekend.
    However I would like to get more detailed data, like 10 min delay, 60 min delay.....(realtime is better)

    Does anyone know website which show these kind of data?
  2. not sure what you mean ...

    you want historical sat / sunday only data when FX market is closed ?

    fxstreet is one site with charts for the rest of the time

  3. jayoo


    After marget is closed on weekday, other markert (e.g. Tokyo, London) will be open.


    You can get the daily data including Sat/Sun.

    I would like to see FX ticker which is being traded during weekend.

  4. The interbank market is not active during the weekend. You can trade at Oanda during the weekend, but the rate hardly moves. It's only useful when you want to adjust your positions over the weekend because you lack the time during the week.
  5. jayoo


    I got it. Thanks.