interactivebrokers: "Your order has been rejected...multiplier of net liquidation va"

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by aaa, May 28, 2010.

  1. aaa


    IB has new way to reject orders.

    Your order has been rejected. The gross value of the outstanding orders is greater than the current allowable multiplier of net liquidation value.
    Please call the Trade Desk for further detail.

    In German Forum they guess its a bug in security system, because the rejection happens and limiting your orders in a way out of logic.

    E.g. it happens also for closing orders, or if you use only 5-10% margin of Net Liquidation Value, etc....

    Hope it will be solved soon. Anybody else?
  2. tortoise


    IB has more problems than any broker I've ever encountered.
  3. aaa


    It looks they solved it. Now the weekend is salved :)
  4. Bob111


    it's not solved and it never was. i told them about this problem long time ago. they changed something on Thursday, two weeks ago. i'm personally sick and tired to see those rejections,where IB is the decider..they assume(based on i don't know what) that the possibility of your orders to be filled all at once is ridiculously place bond order-rejected, you place stock order(even 50% away)-rejected.. doesn't make any fucking sense.
    there is even better variation of this issue-you place basket order on middle of the day,trying to get balanced portfolio-long side filled,short-rejected. eat place basket one time with prices 50% away-rejected. you modify the same basket, place your orders closer and submit again-all accepted, without hiccup. go fucking figure. but hey..try to explain it to them convince them that there is some problems on their side...yeahh...good luck with that..multiplier my ass
  5. NumLock


    IB pisses me off

    Their platform is such huge resource hog where as other platforms are not.

    And don't give me BS excuses that it's so much better.

    And what's up with constant updates. FRAnKLY that's a sign of weakness when you gotta update all the freaking time

    IB folks you are lucky every IB account is insured for 100 k that is the only thing keeping customers

    Your margin sucks etc

    And your execution where last traded price is defined as not necessarily last traded price was never explained to satisfaction

    Yeah IB you probably thought we all forgot about that little sting

    Commission ain't enough eh IB
    Your Timber-hill division needs to make some money from our trades
  6. Bob111


    i would personally appreciate that if you change something in your risk model-please let us know about it and inform all of your employees. post something on your status page. it's really simple. we are not asking much. be more friendly with your own customers.
  7. aaa


    I have only this "Stacking Limit" again, which IB launched March 2009. No more rejected orders by this "multiplier of net liquidation value", today. I was really shocked and enraged yesterday, so I understand you very well.
  8. Anyone complaining about TWS as a resource hog, needs to upgrade immediately from their 286 to something more recent.

    Using 300 meg on my box and very little cpu time. wtf is your problem?


    ps those slots are not for making melted cheese sandwiches
  9. NumLock


    ok stock777 you got me on that one :D

    how do you respond to IB definition of LAST traded price used to trigger orders

    being different from last traded price from any other legit broker

    did you even know about this ?

    IB hushed it up a year ago or so
  10. You are a Ninja Trader shill, what a fag.
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