interactivebrokers: "Stacking Limit" what is it?

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    Why did IB launch it?

    IB: Please be advised that the previously announced reduction of the Stacking Limit (the number of orders allowed per contract, per side) to 15, will become effective Monday, March 2, 2009.
    Outstanding GTC orders that exceed this limit will not be subject to cancellation; however, any modifications to a pre-existing GTC order in this scenario will be rejected, while the original order will remain open. Any new order exceeding this limit will be rejected.

    There are no information on IBs website at the moment.
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    No professional trader disturbed by this "Stacking Limit"?

    IB senior management made the decision (reduction of the Stacking Limit ) to cap the total number of stacked orders to limit the risk any one customer can introduce to the rest of the IB customer base. I will inform my manager of your displeasure to this rule and lack of info on the web site on your behalf.
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  3. I'm disturbed that you are still a customer of IB.

    gtfo imbecile.

    ps, why did you create a new fake nick, embarrased to post this under an existing fake nick?
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    I'm afraid because I am a customer of IB.

    But why do you unswer under this topic, if you have only nonsen to say?

    May be you want to talk in a professional German forum about this topic, if you are clever like you want to be? There you can find me!
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    Nobody unhappy with this Stacking Limit?

    What is the sense to have a limit of 15 orders in one security on one side with one contract? But have permission to do 15 orders with > 1 amount of contracts?

    Why limiting the amount of orders additionally, because the margin does limiting the contract size?

    Why this additionally limitation called "Stacking Limit"?
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    Are there some news from IB?