interactivebrokers really screws up

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  1. I'm not that worried about it

    because the position I'm trying to get out of keeps moving in my favor

    but I have tried everything

    buying the ask

    buying the market

    and buying my limit which is well below the market

    and they won't let me out

    these guys are a bunch of jokers

    what do they want me to do next?

    call them on the telephone?
  2. cancel and replace, they even pm'd me

    try that

    I have tried that many times

    over and over

    when are you finally going admit that I am doing it right

    and you are screwing up?
  3. it aint that serious

    because the only one I have on that I want to get even on is some usd.cad

    but still, they won't let me out

    not at the market
    not at at limit
    not even selling limit bid
  4. Are you trading full size? ($100,000).

    Quotes are only for that size if I recall.
  5. actually, it worked out pretty well for me

    the only thing I had on I was trying to unloard was some long usd.cad

    no matter how hard I tried, they wouldn't let me out of it

    finally it turned into a profit

    so it is of no concern to me at the moment

    at anyrate, they really screwed up Sunday night

    I do have a problem with some long GBP.USD

    who knows if they will let me out of that one if I need to

    I mean I tried everything

    restarting and re logging on

    selling at the ask

    selling at the market

    selling at my ridiculous bid 10 pips below the market

    and that wouldn't let me out

    I don't even know if they will let me out now

    but it is showing a nice profit so I am not worried about it at the moment.
  6. eurusdzn


    Old time,

    I read that you trade 6E ? You have a profitable position and want to buy to
    Close and cannot?
    I am an IB customer. What do I need to know here?
    What if the position was large and not in your favor?
  8. Call them... who knows...With your luck, all those other orders you entered will probably show up on your clearing statement as filled creating an even bigger mess. lol
  9. no I never trade 6e, just spot, and yes my size is plenty too large

    and no, I wanted to get even on a loser

    and it was exceeded by ten pips

    and my BE limit wouldn't get hit

    there were a lot of problems with ib on Sunday night

    read the other threads

    I was just telling you how it affected me

    I'm not sure they are over yet
  10. You could use an offsetting future if you have to.
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