InteractiveBrokers, Oh My!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by cscott, May 12, 2006.

  1. cscott


    Jesus! InteractiveBrokers TWS platform goes out more often than a Vegas call girl!... and I'm not kidding.

    Can anyone recommend another broker that:
    1) handles similar products
    2) answers phones 24 hours
    3) has a reliable platform and server
    4) has an easy-to-understand profit and loss statement (unlike IB's)

    Suggestions are appreciated. (No IB shills, please)
  2. I'm, I'm personally biased towards Genesis securities. I don't know if they pick up the phone 24/7 because I've only had to call once, but, who knows. Never had an issue yet.
  3. klinkz


    you may wanna try quotetracker with IB broker..just an idea. works fine for me
  4. dont


    Try ping "ing" This is the IB server. everytime I have had a problem its been because of the response time of my Internet connection. Not IB.
  5. cscott


    I get a "request timed out" when pinging.

    BTW, I have Comcast. Surely it's not a problem with Comcast broadband.
  6. Tums


    try Merrill Lynch
  7. Yep. Just because its broadband doesnt mean its good.

    If you want good service you need:
    1) low latency (ie fcuk all delay between you and the server)
    2) low packet drops (ie they dont throw ur packets away because they oversubscribe).

    Get a decent connection and stop blaming the wrong people. Try a business quality connection if you want to run this like a business.

    Yet another stupid ... its ib's fault .. oh no .. its not ... thread.

    Plus juniors like LawnMowery chiming in with their stunning half a wit.
  8. PS. I dont work for IB but unlike some of the halfwits who complain about them I've had enough brokers to know whats good, whats bad, and whats my fault. Wake up guys!

    But yes, I think Merrill Lynch would love you. You should go their and take old lawnmowery with you. They love idiots just to death - its their specialty :)
  9. dont


    If you check IB's home page they have a link to system status. If they say they arn't having problems. Then its your Internet link.
  10. ddunbar

    ddunbar Guest

    Check your broadband connection with this link:

    Just to see what kind of numbers you're getting.

    Anyway, when I ping I get a request timed out. In fact, if I ping interactive brokers hoempage I get a request timed out. But I haven't had TWS go down in a long time. I only go down, when everyone goes down which is signalled here:

    So if you don't see a red flag on that page, it means the problem is somewhere between your computer and your ISP.

    Also, uncheck SSL and see if it's stable. If it is, then the IP your ISP assigned you doesn't work well with IB's SSL. The solution to that is if you have a router which allows you to clone a mac addy. Clone the mac addy of your computer. The mac addy the router defaults to is the one of your cable modem. If you have any nic card laying around that you don't use, close those if your computer mac addy doesn't work. Cloning the mac addy gives you a new IP from your ISP. Remember to reset everything (computer, cable modem, router) after cloning in order for it to work.

    Also, try reinstalling the Sun Java. It can get corrupted by adware/spyware/trojans. Then reinstall TWS.

    But before all that run a virus check of your system. Here's a link to a great online virus scanner.:

    and... If TWS goes down, log onto webtrader. In fact bookmark webtrader's URL login screen.

    Best of luck to you.
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