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    anyone else get this, comments on what anyone found in what is probably a mountain of fine print?

    It doesnt look like phishing, but i really dont care for the tone. I highly doubt they're making me sign this, because they changed terms in my favor

    Corporations are such assholes

    1 February 2008

    On 2007-6-14, IB delivered to you through Account Management an updated customer account agreement which our records show you have yet to execute. At this time we request that you log into Account Management, accessible at, at which point the updated agreement will be made available. Please note it is mandatory that all account holders sign this agreement to in order to maintain their account in good standing. Should you elect to decline this agreement your account will be subject to trading restrictions and closure.

    If you are unable to log into Account Management or have difficulty locating this agreement, please contact one of the regional Customer Service offices listed below:

    US: toll free at 877-442-2757 or direct at 312-542-6901;
    Canada: 1-877-745-4222
    Europe toll-free at 00800-42-276537 or direct at 41-41-726-9500
    Hong Kong: 852-2156-7907
  2. If you think it might be phishing then run your virus checkers etc and then sign in the normal way.
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    Don't know if it's related but this has been on their system status page all day.

    Username / Password Popup Window
    Some traders are reporting that a popup window is appearing once logged into the TWS requesing the account username and password.
    This message is not originating from the TWS and username / password information should NOT be entered in this window.
    If you have seen this window and have entered your login information, please contact us immediately so that we can take appropriate action to ensure that the account security has not been compromised.
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    not related. I can speak from experience in Asia that quite often the account agreement updates are due to regulatory requirements which have changed. I'm not sure what is driving the requirement posted in the first post but if you log into account mgmt (you will need your key dongle) I suspect you'll be supplied with additional information.

    for the java malware that is flowing around, look to this thread on how to remove it.
  5. Hi,

    I posted a similar quote from the same IB email, which I also received, in another recent thread. However that thread was regarding an account that was closed by IB - apparently with no fore-warning. My guess was that the account was closed due to this agreement not being signed. So my unqualified advice is - you better sign it!